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Beyond Decodables aim to support young readers success in reading by allowing children the chance to decode words in a meaningful context. Check out our Six Aspects of Beyond Decodables to learn more about how these books were written to support chidlren. These books are highly research-based and approved by experts, teachers, and children. We suggest using these books for small group reading. 


Compare your phonics scope and sequence to the text sequence to pick the right text for you. This is not necessarily our recommended scope and sequence, but rather the one that matches text development.



Most texts are available in digital editions (projectable PDFs) and printer-friendly editions.

Print using "two-sided, short edged binding." Fold or staple together for a finished book.

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“Reading Above the Fray is a wonderful resource, a book I read from cover to cover. The scholarship is impeccable, citing the central and most impactful studies surrounding foundational skills and their importance to reading acquisition. Authored by a passionate educator, the book is rich in stories, lessons, activities, and ideas. It is a joy to read and will become a well-worn guide for teachers and students of reading!”
— ANNE E. CUNNINGHAM, Professor, Learning Sciences and Human Development, University of California, Berkeley; author of Book Smart: How to Develop and Support Successful, Motivated Readers

“In Reading Above the Fray, Julia masterfully connects the deep research base on how kids learn to read to what teachers can do tomorrow in their classrooms. What I love even more about the book is her focus on the joy of helping students develop the tools they need to achieve reading success.”

— SUSANNE NOBLES, Chief Academic Officer, ReadWorks

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