Beginning readers need the chance to use phonics skills to read new words in books.  But, readers also need the chance to read books that are engaging, meaningful, and knowledge-building. 


6 aspects of beyond decodables

Highly Decodable

All texts are at least 80% decodable for children with specific phonics skills and knowledge to give children the opportunity to apply phonics in reading. Each text also has a "Letter-Sound Focus," giving children multiple chances to apply a specific phonics skill across the text. Check out the scope and sequence or the back page of each text to learn more.o to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

High Frequency Words

All texts include high frequency words to support children in reading those words that occur most often in books. Check out the scope and sequence or the back page of each text to see when each high frequency word is introduced.

Natural Syntax and Language

We wrote, edited, and reviewed each book to ensure the syntax and language represent relatively natural language-- a property that tends to be missing from highly decodable texts, but that research shows supports early reading fluency.

Repeated words and word parts

Throughout each set of texts, and within each text, words (especially those that aren't yet decodable) and word parts (such as word families) are repeated to support children in making orthographic maps of new words and word parts.

Familiar, meaningful, and relevant

We wrote and re-wrote all books to aim to be familiar and understandable to children, filled with meaningful, engaging content, and relevant to children from diverse backgrounds. The current text sets available were specifically written and illustrated to be most relevant to children in urban areas.

Connected to content

Research tells us that building knowledge is essential for literacy learning and that even elementary school students can learn content from books. Beyond Decodables text sets align with the Boston Public Schools' Focus on Early Learning curriculum, allowing children to make connections and deepen vocabulary through social studies and science topics.

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