-The Books-

All texts currently on this website are used as part of Focus on First, the first-grade curriculum of the Boston Public Schools. These texts were specifically written and illustrated to be culturally relevant and empowering to children in Boston.

Beyond Decodables is the result of nearly 4 years of partnership, piloting, iterative improvements, and rigorous research. These books have been reviewed by multiple teachers, district leaders, researchers, and children in order to ensure they are ready to support your readers.


Beyond Decodables aims to support early readers in learning to apply phonics concepts in authentic contexts and in learning to love to read. We're proud to offer these texts and resources for free. If you try them out, we'd love to hear about your experience to continue to strengthen the books and resources.

- The Author-

Julia B. Lindsey is the creator and author of Beyond Decodables. Julia is a former elementary teacher, dog-lover, and a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan's School of Education. She specializes in foundational reading. Julia creates and researches realistic, high-quality teaching practices and materials that aim to impact early reading outcomes and support students’ love for reading, helping to answer the question "How can we make sure every child is a successful, avid reader?" Julia's work also focuses on ensuring children receive culturally sustaining and empowering literacy instruction from an early age. Seeing the need for children to apply phonics in meaningful texts, Julia (along with various partners and supporters, including her doctoral advisor, Dr. Nell K. Duke) offers a new framework for thinking about books for beginning readers-- Beyond Decodables.

Julia has also co-authored several book chapters, presented at research conferences, and provided professional development to groups of educators.

To contact Julia with questions or inquiries, please email julia@beyonddecodables.com

Boston Public Schools

A big thank you for the invaluable partnership of Brooke Childs, the support of the Boston Public Schools Department of Early Childhood, and series illustrator Meghan Shea. All texts currently available were created in conjunction with BPS and are also available on the Focus on Early Learning website.